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Email Press Release: AOL Says McVeigh Investigation Not "Lawful" 
January 13, 1998    

Contact: John Aravosis, 202/328-5707
January 13, 1998, 8:00PM EST    

America Online Says McVeigh Investigation Was Not "Lawful"
Advocates Demand McVeigh Charges Be Dropped

In a surprising turn to the Timothy McVeigh/AOL privacy case, America Online announced today that the Navy's investigation of McVeigh (not related to the Oklahoma City bomber) was not "lawful."

On ABC's World News Tonight television show for Tuesday January, 13, 1998, America Online Senior Vice President George Vradenburg told ABC's John McWethy that: "[if] the United States government wants personal information
about one of our members, there's a lawful process and a lawful procedure to follow -- it was not followed in this instance."

In light of tonight's revelations, Internet experts are demanding that the case against McVeigh now be dropped.  "America Online has admitted that McVeigh was railroaded.  It would be the ultimate in hypocrisy for the Navy to now discharge this decorated sailor when it's they who appear to have broken the law," said John Aravosis, an Internet consultant and adviser to McVeigh.

"This is the Internet version of illegal search and seizure," said Bob Hattoy, gay Clinton appointee.  "The evidence should be thrown out, this patriot should be set free, and AOL and the Navy should be investigated because it's the fourth amendment that's being threatened, not national security."


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