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Email to Reporters re: Navysex1 January 14, 1998    

From: Navysex1 < Navysex1@aol.com >
Date: Wed, 14 Jan 1998 04:43:00 EST
Subject: McVeigh Case
Organization: AOL ( http://www.aol.com )
X-Mailer: Inet_Mail_Out (IMOv11)

This is John Aravosis, working with Tim McVeigh, the sailor.  When you received this email with the somewhat ribald screen name "Navysex1," you probably suspected the sender was a Navy man with a few too many hormones. But if you went on AOL and checked out the "Navysex1" member profile, you would find the following description:

"Member Name: Executive Assistant and Naval Aide to the Secretary of the Navy
  Location: Washington, DC"

Aha, this is actually an account referring to the Executive Assistant the Secretary of the Navy (an actual job postition), and Navysex is short for "Navy's Executive Assistant."

It would appear that sometimes on AOL, email addresses (screen names) are not always what they appear.  In addition, I suggest you check out all the AOL member profiles reputedly belonging to AOL CEO Steve Case.  Unless he has an unhealthy interest in small children, I'm sure most of the "Steve Case" member profiles I saw are actually jokes and parodies -- i.e., profiles that claim to belong to the CEO of America Online but actually were written in jest and were forgeries, lies, and untruths.

The lesson here, AOL email addresses (screen names) and member profiles are not always what they appear, and certainly do not "tell" any truth about the sender. For the Navy to assume so in the McVeigh case, and use such an assumption to destroy a man's career, is not just naive, but criminally negligent.


PS I set up the Navysex1 account myself.  The Steve Case accounts are for real, and not my doing.

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