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The Navy Lied - Email Letter to Editor January 23, 1998  

January 23, 1998

To the Editor:

As a member of Senior Chief Timothy McVeigh's defense team, I was perplexed by the Navy having told your newspaper that they had enough evidence to discharge Mr. McVeigh even without the illegal contact with America Online (AOL).  A navy official told your newspaper "it was clear to the ombudsman from whom the e-mail came," without having contacted AOL.

Unfortunately, the Navy's statements under oath say otherwise.  In sworn testimony, Navy investigator Lt. Karen Morean admitted: "I planned to establish by whatever means I could think of whether or not this profile belonged to the screen name or not and whether or not the screen name belonged to Senior Chief McVeigh....I didn't know what it was going to take. I didn't know if AOL was going to give me the information that I was looking for or if it was going to take some other kind of research."  

And in federal court this week, the government's own attorney, David Glass, admitted that the Navy contacted AOL "to make sure this was his [McVeigh's] profile" and "to make sure they were investigating the right person."  Mr. Glass went on to tell the judge that if he could start the investigation over again, he wouldn't have contacted the Internet company: "If I knew about the [federal privacy] law, I wouldn't have called AOL." 

Finally, the Navy yesterday told the New York Times that it did not "intentionally violate" any federal laws during the McVeigh investigation.  When asked whether they "unintentionally violated" any federal laws, they refused to answer question.   

Instead of continuing to resort to lies, half-truths, and cover-ups, the Navy should come clean with the American people.  With 17 years of dedicated and decorated service to our country, Senior Chief McVeigh deserves no less.  

John Aravosis
Online Counsel to Senior Chief McVeigh


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