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Bi-Partisan Members of Congress Blast DOD
Email Press Release January 23, 1998  


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January 23, 1998, 3PM EST        

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Bi-Partisan Members of Congress Blast DOD
Free McVeigh, Members Urge

Twenty-one Members of Congress today, from both political parties, released a letter sent to the Secretary of the Navy, John Dalton, on behalf of Senior Chief Timothy R. McVeigh.  The letter informed Dalton that the Members of Congress "believe that the Navy's actions in this case constitute a violation of the Don't Ask, Don't Tell policy and show an insufficient regard for the privacy of servicemembers," and the Members urged Dalton to revoke the imminent discharge and "reverse the Navy's decision in this case."

"We believe that the manner through which the Navy confirmed 'Tim's' identity violated the gays-in-the-military policy, both in the investigator's decision to contact AOL and in his failure to identify himself as part of the Navy," the Members wrote.

"The case of ETCS(SS) McVeigh constitutes a dramatic example of the Armed Forces' misapplication and inconsistent application of the policy," the letter said.  "McVeigh's continued service has apparently been determined to be inconvenient for someone in a position to effect his discharge, notwithstanding his unblemished 17-year record."

Signatories of the letter include: Constance Morella (R-MD), Charles Schumer (D-NY), Tom Lantos (D-CA), Sam Gejdenson (D-CT), Barney Frank (D-MA), Henry Waxman (D-CA), and Edward Markey (D-MA).


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