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No News on McVeigh Court
Email Press Update January 23, 1998  

January 23, 1998

It's now 5:03 PM EST, and Judge Sporkin has not released a decision yet in the McVeigh case.  It is expected that he will now wait until next Monday or Tuesday.

During the hearing on Wednesday, the Judge indicated that he did not want the Navy to discharge McVeigh until *after* he had had a chance to decide on the merits of McVeigh's lawsuit.  The government's attorney, David Glass, assured the Judge that the Navy couldn't discharge McVeigh while he was on leave, so the discharge couldn't happen anyway until at least midnight Friday January 23.  McVeigh's leave has now been extended until next Tuesday, so per the Navy's promise to the Judge in court, they could not discharge McVeigh until that day.  
That means the Judge has until next Tuesday, if he so chooses, to reach a decision in the case.

Stay tuned.


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