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DOD Thinks Gays Are April Fools
Email Update April 8, 1998

Above you will find a Web address where DOD has posted the entire report they just issued about gay servicemembers being discharged. 

One interesting thing - while they claim in the intro to the report that many commanders "believe" that the increase in discharges is because of people willingly outing themselves, they neither mention this theory in the rest of the report at all, nor do they give any data or other facts - even anecdotal - to support this idea.  It's simply a red herring thrown in at the beginning that much of the media seems to have bought off on.  In actuality, the report confirms the discharge numbers have gone up since the implementation of the DADT policy, and that DOD is "concerned" about this. 

Interestingly, they do try to claim that a majority of the discharges are for "statements of homosexuality" versus "conduct" - implying that this is the proof that servicemembers are voluntarily "saying" that they are gay in order to seek a discharge.  Well, DOD's entire basis of their case against Timothy McVeigh is their claim that his AOL profile, that they illegally obtained, was a "statement" that Tim was gay.  If these are the kind of cases that they are calling "statements of homosexuality" then I think it's more than disingenous for them to claim that such statements are per se voluntary admissions that the individual involved wants to be discharged for being gay.  In Tim's case, it sure as hell wasn't a statement or voluntary. 

Also, check out the section regarding women being discharged, it's a blatant admission that the numbers are disproportionately high and DOD has no idea why -- and they admit that there have been some documented cases of lesbian-bating -- i.e., accusing a woman of being a lesbian because she refuses another soldier's advances. 
The whole thing looks like a white-wash job to me.  Bottom line: the Secretary and the President put out a policy, and to admit that the commanders in the field aren't following the policy would make the Secretary look weak and the commanders look insubordinate.  So, instead issue a report that says everything is basically fine, and it's the homos own fault. 

And I thought April Fool's Day was last week. 



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