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Email Letter-to-the-Editor May 9, 1998

Newport Daily News, May 9-10, 1998 
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Letter:  "'Core values' of naval service under test in McVeigh case" 

     As an adviser to Senior Chief Petty Officer Timothy McVeigh, I was 
fascinated by William Perry's letter to the editor ("Leadership, not 
sexuality, is main issue for Navy chief").  He speaks of the need to follow 
"core values, regulations and codes of conduct," but seems to think those core 
values need not be followed by the military brass themselves. 

     McVeigh's case has been, from the beginning, about the ongoing harassment 
of a 17-year Navy veteran who to date has served his country faithfully. 
Contrary to what Mr. Perry claims, the senior chief never had a Web site with 
"homosexual overtones," and he was never offered early retirement.  On the 
contrary, Navy officials offered to let the senior chief quit the Navy, which 
he can already do, thank you.  But of course, then he won't get full benefits. 
And if he stays in, he'll continue as a garbage man, construction worker or 
whatever odd job of the day can be found unsuitable for a chief of boat. 

      To attack McVeigh for fighting for the Navy's core beliefs, when those 
beliefs have been violated by his commanders, is the ultimate in hypocrisy. I 
would quote back Mr. Perry's own words:  "Inappropriate behavior is 
unacceptable and wrong."  A court of law found the Navy guilty of violating 
federal law in this case.  The Navy's inappropriate -- and illegal -- behavior 
must be held to account, otherwise the core values are nothing more than an 
arbitrary and convenient lie. 

-- John Aravosis, Washington, D.C


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