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Email Regarding AOL Closing McVeigh's Account  January 9, 1998    

Subject: AOL closes soldier down
Date: Fri, 09 Jan 1998 14:46:29 -0500
From: John Aravosis < john@wiredstrategies.com >
To: (Recipient list suppressed)

I just talked to Tim McVeigh's mom in Hawaii -- he's the soldier, no
relation to Oklahoma City's Timothy McVeigh, who the military is
discharging after AOL reportedly told them (according to the military's
sworn testimony) his name and state of residence -- and I have news.
AOL this morning not only denied that they told the Navy anything -- in
essence accusing the military of 5 pages of perjured testimony -- but last
night AOL shut down Tim's email account that he uses to converse with me,
his lawyers, and other supporters.  Everything's gone, all his emails, my
communications to him, his lawyers' emails, everything.  Coincidentally,
this happened at the same time that the NYT online ran a front page story
about Tim's plight.  I'm sure AOL will say there's no connection.

I am absolutely astounded.

Please get the word out to people, and the press -- this goes beyond Big



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