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"Greater risks to children raised in homosexual households are evident, Cameron notes"
- Family Research Council

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Anti-gay quotes from
those who rely on
Paul Cameron's data



Warning: this site contains examples of extreme prejudice which may be unsuitable for younger visitors.

Who Relies on Paul Cameron's data?

Family Research Council - gays are pedophiles

"[the number of victims of the average gay pedophile versus the average straight pedophile is] a ratio of 7.5 to one." (they quote much more by Cameron in this study) - "Homosexual Activists Work to Normalize Sex With Boys," FRC publication, July 1999.

Family Research Council - gays are risk to children

"Psychologist Paul Cameron, who has analyzed the most prominent studies of homosexual households, says that they all have severe shortcomings.  Nonetheless, even within these biased studies, greater risks to children raised in homosexual households are evident, Cameron notes." - http://www.frc.org/insight/is94e3hs.html

Ex-gay NARTH's Joseph Nicolosi, Ph.D. - gays are diseased

"Lesbians and homosexual men are 19 times and 14 times more likely, respectively, to have had syphilis than heterosexual men and women" - the footnote reads: "P. Cameron, K. Proctor, and W. Coburn, 'Sexual Orientation and Sexually Transmitted Disease,' Nebraska Medical Journal, Vol. 70 No. 8, August 1985, pp. 292-299." - http://www.frc.org/insight/is93g2hs.html

Claremont Institute - Gays die early

"Social psychologist Paul Cameron compared over 6,200 obituaries from homosexual magazines and tabloids to a comparable number of obituaries from major American newspapers. He found that while the median age of death of married American males was 75, for sexually active homo-sexual American males it was 42. For homosexual males infected with the AIDS virus, it was 39. While 80 percent of married American men lived to 65 or older, less than two percent of the homosexual men covered in the survey lived as long." - http://www.claremont.org/pubs/miah.htm

American Family Association - gays die young

"Dr. Paul Cameron and colleagues conducted research on 6,714 obituaries from 16 United States homosexual journals..." [the study goes on to quote the  Cameron conclusion that gays die early],  - http://www.afa.net, "Homosexuality in America: Exposing the Myths", (a downloadable special report available on the site).

Family Research Council - gay parents have sex with their kids

"Dr. Cameron found that children in these households are at far greater risk in a number of areas: 1. GREATER RISK OF SEXUAL INVOLVEMENT WITH A PARENT" - http://www.frc.org/insight/is94e3hs.html

NARTH's Joseph Nicolosi, Ph.D.

"A recent study of 6,400 obituaries in 16 gay newspapers found that the average age of men dying from AIDS is 39. Moreover, the study of homosexual lifespan found that the average age of gay men dying from other causes is just 41 years old." - the footnote reads: "Paul Cameron, William J. Playfair, and Stephen Wellum, 'The Homosexual Lifespan,' Family Research Institute, Inc., Washington, D.C., 1992, updated to June, 1993." -  http://www.frc.org/insight/is93g2hs.html

Family Research Council - gay parents make their kids gay

"the aggregate data in several studies indicate that children in such households are 'about four times more apt to produce homosexual children,' according to Dr. Cameron." - http://www.frc.org/insight/is94e3hs.html

Family Research Council - kids of gay parents are hurt

"Dr. Cameron also found that '58.8% of the children of lesbians and 21.1% of the children of homosexual fathers experience relationship problems with other people because of their knowledge of their parents' homosexuality.' " - http://www.frc.org/insight/is94e3hs.html

Family Research Council cites Cameron as an expert

"Paul Cameron, who gives a careful and precise summary of the Hooker study in his volume The Gay Nineties: What the Empirical Evidence Reveals About Homosexuality." - http://www.frc.org:80/insight/is95e1hs.html

Family Research Council - gay parents make their kids gay

"Data analyzed by Cameron show that 8.9% of children in homosexual households became homosexual while only 2.4% of the children raised in heterosexual households became homosexual." - http://www.frc.org/insight/is94e3hs.html

Family Research Council - gays die young

"In Omega: The Journal of Death and Dying, a 1994 study concluded that the average lifespan for homosexual men dying of AIDS is 39, and the average age of death for those dying from causes not related to AIDS is 42." - the footnote reads: "Paul Cameron, Ph.D., William L. Playfair, M.D., Stephen Wellum, B.A., " 'The Longevity of Homosexuals: Before and After the AIDS Epidemic,' Omega: The Journal of Death and Dying, Vol. 29, No. 3, 1994." - http://www.frc.org/podium/pd97d7fs.html

Family Research Council - gays are diseased

"Homosexuals account for a disproportionate number of America's most serious STD's, including syphilis, gonorrhea, genital warts, and hepatitis A and B." - footnote cites Paul Cameron, http://www.frc.org/insight/is95d1hm.html

Family Research Council - gay parents cause gay children

"children are more likely to experiment with homosexuality or identify as homosexuals when raised in a homosexual household" - footnote cites Cameron studies, http://www.frc.org/fampol/fp96bhs.html

Family Research Council - gays die young

"Homosexuals also have much shorter life expectancy than heterosexuals as indicated by a study of more than 6,737 obituaries published in Omega: Journal of Death and Dying. The average age of homosexuals who died from AIDS is 39; from all other causes it is 42." - footnote cites Paul Cameron, http://www.frc.org/insight/is95d1hm.html

Family Research Council - gays die young

"A study of more than 6,400 obituaries in homosexual publications reveals that homosexuals typically have far shorter life spans." - footnote cites Paul Cameron, http://www.frc.org/insight/is94g4hs.html


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