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    "His stand is indefensible."   
- Judy Shepard commenting on Gov. George W. Bush's opposition to hate crimes laws including sexual orientation.

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October 1998 - Republicans Boast About Killing Hate Crimes Bill

The document below was produced by the US House Republican Policy Committee and posted on the House Internet site last Fall.  It is a fact sheet of legislative successses of the Republican Congress.

Note the 8th bullet from the bottom where the Republican congressional leadership takes credit for stopping the hate crimes bill last October 15, 1998 - just days after Matt's death on October 12.

October 15, 1998

 The Omnibus "Scorecard" – Wins & Losses

The final negotiations on the Omnibus Appropriations Bill paint a pretty bleak picture for the President’s big-government agenda.

But for every loss on the big-government side of the ledger, there’s a win for conservative priorities: stronger defense, local control of education, and a real war against illegal drugs.


Conservative Wins in the Omnibill

  • A critically needed increase in funds for national defense ($9 billion of emergency spending for defense and intelligence needs).
  • That figure includes nearly $1 billion in additional funds for missile defense.
  • Tax relief for financially-strapped farmers, including income averaging and AMT deferment.
  • Tax relief for farmers and other self-employed individuals (100% deductibility of insurance premiums by 2003, instead of 2007).
  • A re-invigorated commitment to halting the supply, use, and demand for illegal drugs, including specific accountability measures for our nation’s war against drugs.
  • To ensure that we’re not aiding and abetting illegal drug abuse, the bill says that no federal funds or District of Columbia funds can be used for free needles for known drug addicts.
  • Congressional Republicans reversed the president’s ill-advised education priorities (the Clinton budget proposed zeroing out block grants that allows states and communities spend federal dollars to suit their own education needs).
  • The GOP Congress also insisted on, and won, changes to the President’s 100,000 teacher program that will send those federal dollars directly to the classroom, without being controlled and siphoned off by federal bureaucrats.
  • Local control of education is also protected by stopping the president’s national education testing
  • We also blocked President Clinton’s Washington-knows-best attempts to featherbed bureaucracy with massive new school construction funding, funding that largely ignores suburban and rural school districts. We ensure that dollars go directly to local school districts and classrooms, where they can be better utilized.
  • Children will now be protected from pornography on the Internet by requiring commercial online distributors to restrict access of harmful material to children. "Teaser" promotional websites are prohibited.
  • Recognizing that coercive international family planning programs are harmful to women and families, the Tiahrt amendment guarantees that taxpayer funds will only be used for voluntary family planning services.
  • The bill also ends taxpayer funding of the United Nations Fund for Population Activities (UNFPA) program supporting coerced abortion and forced sterilization in China. This marks the first time since 1992 that UNFPA will be denied U.S. funding.
  • The agreement upholds "one man, one vote" principles by derailing the Clinton Administration’s illegal census sampling. We're insisting they prepare for a full enumeration because the Constitution says "count" not "guess." The Omnibus bill limits Census funding (along with the rest of the programs under Commerce-Justice-State) to 8 1/2 months, giving the Supreme Court time to rule on the issue.
  • New reforms will ensure accountability, transparency, and market-based approaches at the International Monetary Fund. Most IMF money will be lent at market rates, rather than subsidized levels; there will be greater disclosure of IMF deliberations and loan decisions; conditions will be imposed on loan recipients to liberalize trade restrictions and eliminate government subsidized loans to failing and favored companies.
  • "Quincy Library" provisions will ensure local communities have an instrumental role in forest management practices.
  • Private property rights are protected by blocking the Clinton Administration’s expansion of harmful and costly Endangered Species Act mandates.


Reinventing Big-Government --

Presidential Priorities the Congress Stopped:

  • Increase taxes and fees on savers, investors, retirees, airline passengers, consumers of imports, smokers, small and large businesses to the tune of $130 billion.
  • Create, at a total cost of $53 billion (over five years) 39 entitlements
  • Increase federal spending by $150 billion (over five years)
  • Invent new ways to disguise big-government spending through budgetary gimmicks like the Research Fund for America, the Environmental Fund for America, and the Transportation Fund for America
  • Begin implementing the Kyoto Global Warming Treaty, even though the administration has yet to send the treaty to the Senate for ratification. The Clinton Administration’s own Energy Information Administration says the Kyoto protocol would increase gasoline prices by 53%, increase electric rates by 86%, and decrease GNP by 4.1% by 2010.
  • "Hate crime" proposals that criminalize motive rather than punish violent crime.
  • A development of a government-run national ID system.
  • Creation of a new firearms registry, tracking histories of gun owner applications, and imposing fees on gun owners.
  • Onerous ergonomics workplace regulations that would eliminate jobs and impose billions of dollars in compliance costs on small business.
  • Expanded use of a federal database which tracks recently hired college graduates.
  • Impose federal standards – discriminating against stay-at-home Moms – on child care
  • Eliminate $773 million in funding for state and local agencies to fight crime in their communities
  • Irresponsibly expand enrollment of Medicare even though the program’s long-term solvency is the subject of a current bipartisan commission due to report this winter


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