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Tel. 215-238-4700 (then dial 12539), email
Fax: 215-238-4783

Rosemary Roach, 415-362-5550, email

Phone: 781-449-0400, email


Contact the Following Companies:
Please contact the following companies whose ads ran on Schlessinger's new TV show - and watch the show yourself and phone the advertisers. Remember, many companies don't know their ads are running, so be nice:

( actually advertised on Dr. Laura's Web site, not her TV show, but in view of their big name, we thought it important for folks to contact them).

Marlo Furniture

Computer Learning Center
tel. 703-367-7000; FAX 703-257-2960
Web comment form

Lincoln Tech
tel. 800-647-4400

LA Weight Loss
tel. 800-331-4035

Blue Star Ointment
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Garden State Life Insurance
Product: QuickGard
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tel. 800-638-8565

The Ab Dolly
tel. 800 830 2176

Total Telcom Media
Phone: 954-568-3308
Fax: 954-568-1041
PRODUCT: Mind and Spirit, 1-800-226-5937 (psychic readings)

McDonald's  :-(
We are sad to announce that McDonald's is one of the only companies not to issue a definitive statement directing that no further ads be run on the Dr. Laura TV show.  When we initially posted the fact that McDonald's had advertised on the show, the company phoned us and angrily denied the ads even ran, then told us they had no control over what ads their franchises buy.  Yet according to McDonald's own Web site:
"We closely evaluate the content of the programs in which our television commercials appear and strive to associate our advertising with entertaining, responsible programs."  Has McDonald's recommended that their ad agencies not buy Dr. Laura?  We asked them that very question - no answer yet.
If you see another McDonald's ad run on Dr. Laura in your area, please contact us immediately.

The following are links to other independent Web sites targeting "Dr. Laura" TV advertisers:
- Dallas/Ft. Worth
- Canada
- Local Advertisers
[DISCLAIMER: is not affiliated with, and does not vouch for the authenticity of any of the information on, these sites.]


Lexington, KY
Chicago's Protest


Los Angeles
San Francisco
St. Louis

Twin Cities

Wash, DC
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Providence, RI
Las Vegas

Scroll way down to find more info on all local protests. To organize your own local protest, email Robin Tyler.

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Weigh in on the poll about Dr. Laura's show, and check out the pictures from the Chicago protest - click, then scroll down to find the link.

Shame Please politely call as many of the #s below as you can - thanks!

1. SUMNER REDSTONE, CEO of Viacom (which owns Paramount)
tel. 212-258-6310, fax 212-258-6311
Message: "Why is Viacom supporting prejudice - cancel the Dr. Laura show." (Don't let them pass you to the (323) number - he's the boss, insist they take your message.)

2. KERRY MCCLUGGAGE, Chmn. of Paramount
tel. LA 323-956-5076, NYC 212-258-6269
(He shares the NYC # with Co-President Joel Berman), fax: 323-862-1823
Message: "Cancel Dr. Laura" [same message for the rest of the calls below].

If you can do even more, call the following Paramount employees:

FRANK KELLY, Co-Pres. Domestic TV:
tel. 323-956-4543 fax 323-862-1838

JOEL BERMAN, Co-Pres. Domestic TV
tel. 323-956-5773

tel. 323-956-5982

JOHN NOGAWSKI, President - Distribution Domestic TV
tel. 323-956-8999 fax 323-862-3404

tel. 323-956-5516 fax 323-862-1023

BOBBEE GABELMANN, Exec. VP Current Programming
tel. LA 323-956-5508, NYC 212-258-6654
fax 323-862-0282 and 323-862-1188

tel. 323-956-5020

JOHN WENTWORTH, Exec VP Media Relations
tel. 323-956-5394 fax 323-862-3756

MICHELLE HUNT, Head of Media Relations
tel: (323) 956-8266 fax: (323) 862-1323


Local Protest Contact Info:
To make a difference in your city, please call or write your local station contracted to carry the Dr. Laura show, or contact the local organizer in your city:

Stop Dr. Laura
National Days of Protest!!
Sept 9-11

Local Protest Contact Info:
To make a difference in your city, please call or write your local station contracted to carry the Dr. Laura show, or contact the local organizer in your city:

WAGA-TV5. Glen McHugh, GM. 404.875.5555.
Local Coordinator- Harry Knox

Protest Saturday, August 26, 11 a.m. against KEYE-TV Channel 42, 10700 Metric Blvd (in north Austin, just east of Mopac, south of Braker Lane). Sponsored by the Austin Stop Dr. Laura Committee.  Please e-mail for more information.

Help organize for Baltimore's part in the Stop Dr. Laura National Days of Protest - please attend our meeting at 7 p.m., Tuesday, Sept. 5. E-mail for meeting location. Baltimore will participate in the National Days of Protest with a rally in front of WMAR-TV studios, 6400 York Road, Baltimore, Monday, Sept. 11, 9:00 AM.

Station: WCVB-TV5. Paul LaCamera, GM. 781.449.0400. Local Organizer: Stacey Montgomery


Chicago will join the National Days of Protest with a demonstration in front of WBBM-TV Channel 2, 630 N. McClurg Court, Chicago at 2 p.m., Sunday, Sept. 10. Help us prepare for the protest by attending a poster making party 7 p.m., Tuesday, Sept. 5 at Ann Sather's, 929 W. Belmont. For information contact  Call WBBM-TV Channel 2's new General Manager, Walter F. Dehaven, at 312.944.6000  Tell them your complaints about the program by visiting their website at


Cincinnati will participate in the National Days of Protest with a rally outside WCPO-TV, 5th & Central, at 3 p.m., Sunday, Sept. 10.  For more information contact   Let Channel 9 know you oppose their sponsorship of "Dr." Laura. Phone General Manager Bill See at 513.721.9900. Write a note of protest by visiting this Web site .

Dallas will join the National Days of Protest at 1 p.m., Sunday, Sept. 10, KTVT-TV Channel 11, 10111 N. Central Expressway, Dallas.  For more information contact KTVT-TV. Brian Jones, GM. 817.451.1111 ext 200.


Denver will join the National Days of Protest with a StopDrLaura contingent in this year's AIDS Walk (Sunday, Sept. 10) and a protest at KUSA-TV Ch. 9, 500 Speer Blvd, 6 p.m., Monday, Sept. 11.You can leave your opinion on KUSA's airing of Dr. Laura at their website. Subscribe to the Stop Dr. Laura Colorado! List-serv by sending an e-mail to listproc@lists.Colorado.EDU   with the following as the body of the message: Subscribe stopdrlaura <your name>. Visit the Stop Dr. Laura Colorado website:

Houston will participate in the National Days of Protest with a candle light vigil on 8 p.m., Sunday, Sept. 10, KPRC-TV Channel 2 (NBC), 8181 S.W. Freeway, Houston (at Gessner). To get involved contact

Kansas City, MO
Kansas City will join the National Days of Protest with a 3 p.m., Sunday, Sept 10 rally in front of KSHB-TV Channel 41 studios, 4720 Oak, Kansas City. For more information e-mail and

Las Vegas
KTNV-TV13. Chris Foate, GM. 702.876.1313. Local Organizer- Strutt Hurley

Lexington, KY
Stop Dr. Laura Lexington will join the National Days of Protest with a Noon rally, Sunday, Sept. 10 in front of WTVQ-TV Channel 36 studios, 6940 Main of War Blvd., Lexington. For more information, please e-mail

Los Angeles
Join a host of prominent speakers to protest in front of Paramount Studios! 10 a.m., Monday, Sept. 11, 5555 Melrose. Be there - this is Hollywood! For more information or for information about participating in the Los Angeles part of the National Days of Protest please e-mail

Contact CFCF Channel 12 to protest their sponsorship of Schlessinger's show. Telephone 273.6311 or e-mail

Nashville, TN
Protest at WKRN Channel 2, 441 Murfreesboro Road, Nashville at 4 p.m., Monday, Sept. 11. For more information e-mail or check out the local website at WWW.GAYTN.COM.

New York
September 11th rally being planned now.  Contact New York City organizer Kenny Weinberg at   Local Station: WCBS-TV2 - Anthony Petitti, GM. 212.975.4321 -

WKMG-TV Channel 6, 4466 N. John Young Parkway, Orlando. Please complain by calling WKMG General Manager Kathleen Keefe at 407.291.6000.   Local Protest contact: , Stephan Stringfield.

Palm Springs, CA
Palm Springs joins the National Days of Protest with a picket of KMIR-TV Channel 6, 9:30 a.m., Monday, Sept. 11th, 72920 Park View Drive, Palm Desert. For more information e-mail

The National Days of Protest comes to Philadelphia with a rally at Welcome Park, 5:30 p.m., Monday, Sept. 11th (2nd & Walnut), followed by a march to KYW-TV Channel 3 at Independence Mall, where we will hold a protest and press conference. To get involved, please e-mail

Protest against KCVK-TV Channel 3 at 10 a.m., Saturday, August 26, 5555 N.7th Ave, Phoenix. KTVK-TV3: Bill Miller, GM. 602-207-3333. Local Coordinator- Amy Culver

Portland, OR
Protest Monday, September 11 at 11 a.m. at KGW-TV. 

Providence, RI
Providence will join the National Days of Protest by assembling across the street from the RI State House, 7 p.m., Sunday, Sept. 10. There will be speakers followed by a candle-light procession to Channel 28. For more information please e-mail

Reno, NV
Reno has announced it is joining the National Days of Protest with a rally at 9 a.m., Monday, Sept. 11 in front of KRNV TV Channel 4 studios, Vassar Street Station. For more informaiton, please contact Ben at

San Francisco
Planning meeting for San Francisco's participation in the National Days of Protest: 6-8 p.m., Thursday, Aug. 24th at the office of Survive AIDS, 519 Castro Street, 2nd floor, San Francisco.  Local Station KPIX-TV5: Jerry Eaton, GM. 415.632.5550.  San Francisco will join the National Days of Protest with a picket of KPIX-TV, 855 Battery Street from noon to 1 p.m., Monday, Sept. 11th.  For more information contact

King-TV5. Glenn Wright, GM. 206.448.5555. Local Organizer: Pete Gregson

St. Louis
St. Louis will participate in the National Days of Protest with a candlelight vigil at Fox 2 studios, Hampton & Interstate 64 at 7:30 p.m., Sunday, Sept. 10  For more information contact

Sioux City, IA
Protest against KMEG-TV Channel 6 on Sunday, Sept. 10. For more information e-mail Lynette Melby at

State College, PA
Protest assembles at 11:45 a.m., Monday, Sept. 11 in front of the university gates, corner of College and Allen Streets. March to follow. For more information please contact

Tampa Bay
Tampa will join the National Days of Protest with a rally at 3 p.m., Saturday, Sept. 9 in front of WFTS-TV Channel 28, 4045 N. Himes Ave, Tampa (across the street from Raymond James Stadium).  For more information please contact  and  or visit the Tampa Bay Stop Dr. Laura website

Local station: KGUN-TV Channel 9, 7280 E. Rosewood Avenue,Tucson. Special thanks to Full Spectrum Travel, IBT's and Woody's for their generous donation of travel expenses, and to EcoPure Bottled Water for donating refreshments and sun shelter.

Twin Cities, MN
KARE-TV Channel 11 in Golden Valley.   Please protest KARE-TV by calling 612.546.1111. Next organizational meeting will be held on Thursday, August 24th at St. Marks Episcopal Cathederal at 7pm.  Twin Cities Stop Dr. Laura will participate in the national days of protest with a candlelight vigil during the evening on Sunday, Sept. 10 at Loring Park, Minneapolis.  For more information please contact

Washington, DC
The next meeting of Stop Dr. Laura DC is 6:30 p.m., Tues., Aug. 22, Whitman Walker Clinic, 1407 S Street NW, Mural Room.  Plans will be made for participation in the National Days of Protest with a demonstration in front of WDCA-TV Channel 20 at 2 p.m., Sunday, Sept. 10 in Bethesda, MD.  Those needing rides or able to give rides from DC should meet at 1 p.m. sharp in Dupont Circle.  For more information contact

Contact for information on their protest. Protest will be on Sunday, Sept. 10, 3:00PM, at KAKE-TV, 1500 N. West Street, Wichita. Write KAKE-TV Channel 10 General Manager Dave Trabert a letter of protest and mail it to P. O. Box 10, Wichita, KS 67201-0010.

click image to learn more

WELCOME: When Jimmy the Greek disparaged African Americans, he got fired. But when Laura Schlessinger calls gays and lesbians biological errors and pedophiles, Paramount gives her a TV show. While Ms. Schlessinger is free to malign minorities, corporate America is not required subsidize it. In the names of Matthew Shepard, Brandon Teena and too many more, join us in a stand against intolerance, and double standards.

- On her Aug. 15 radio show , Schlessinger again calls homosexuality an error. [Legal Note: this is fair use under copyright law.]

click image to take a virtual tour of our protests

Schlessinger has railed against them on her radio show, now you can own one! Support - buy a t-shirt. Click here, then look for the StopDrLaura section in the upper right-hand corner of the page.

12/18: Is Dr. Laura Downgraded in YOUR City
Check out this very cool link, to Dr. Laura's OWN WEB SITE, to check whether Dr. Laura's TV show has been downgraded to the wee morning hours in your home town.  It's quite easy, and quite fun - for example, I found out that her show is now on at 2:05AM in NYC, 1:40AM in Chicago, but still on at 1PM in Washington, DC.  

12/15: Paramount Loses $1m on Laura
According to a new story in Variety, Paramount has lost over $1 million on the Dr. Laura TV, and the show's very public and very big failure has reportedly sent ripples through Hollywood.  Too bad none of this ripples have hit Paramount or Viacom, who, according to Variety, continue to stand by the show.  Read the entire story here.

12/7: Dayton Downgrades Laura
Following the lead of many other television stations nationwide, WHIO-TV, Channel 7, on Monday moved Dr. Laura Schlessinger's show from 10 a.m. to 1:30 a.m. weekdays. In its place, Channel 7 now airs two episodes of Family Feud from 10 to 11 a.m." - Dayton Daily News, 12/5/00.

12/6: Houston Downgrades Laura
According to one of our viewers, KPRC channel 2 in Houston has moved Laura from 2:00 PM to 3:05 AM starting 12/4/00.

12/5: Little Rock Dumps Laura Radio
Little Rock has canceled Dr. Laura's syndicated radio show, the Arkansas Democrat Gazette reports.

12/2: Laura's Cleveland Ratings Stink
"The November sweeps might have been the last for Laura Schlessinger, whose "Dr. Laura" daytime show was relegated to late-night slots by stations in the nation’s five biggest markets. Locally, at 10 a.m. on TV-3, her show ran fourth in the time slot and 40 percent lower than the nearest competitor with a meager 1.8 rating/7 share." - Cleveland Plain Dealer, 12/2/00.

12/2: Laura Wins Sour Apple Award
"Variety columnist Army Archerd reports that picking the winner of the Hollywood Women’s Press Club’s annual Sour Apple award was easy as pie—the only nominee was Dr. Laura Schlessinger. The advice-dispensing physiologist angered gay activists by calling homosexuals “deviant” and homosexuality a “biological error”; since then her syndicated television show has suffered sponsor abdications, terrible reviews, and banishment to late-night time slots..." - From the Daily Advocate, Dec. 24, 2000.

12/1: Seattle Dumps Laura!
Ok, so I wrote the paragraph below way too soon.  Seattle NBC affiliate KYW-TV is reportedly dropping the Dr. Laura TV show, shipping it over to independent station KONG-TV 16.  

12/1: Laura Still in Limbo
Why no recent updates about Dr. Laura's TV show?  Because ever since the CBS owned and operated stations banished Schlessinger's TV show to early morning slots, there hasn't been much news about the good doctor.  In most of the country's major markets, she's now been moved to 2, 3 and 4 AM slots, a death knell according to industry experts. In Philly, the local CBS affiliate dumped the show completely. There have also been tons of rumors that Paramount has canceled the show, and that Laura has walked off the set in anger (none of these are confirmed).  But just because there isn't any hard news about Laura, doesn't mean we aren't here, watching and waiting. Stay tuned.

11/7: Philly to Drop Dr. Laura!!!!! learned early today, confidentially, that the CBS affiliate in Philadelphia is dropping the Dr. Laura TV show effective Friday, November 10 - as that news has now been made public, we can now report it. The news that Philly will be the first US station to drop the Dr. Laura TV show comes on the heel of news that the CBS owned and operated affiliates have relegated the Dr. Laura TV show to the early morning hours.

11/7: Did Paramount Censor "Frasier"?
The Los Angeles Times is reporting today that it looks like Paramount may have censored the "Frasier" show because it made fun of Laura Schlessinger. In a critically-aclaimed episode, the cast takes on "Dr. Nora," a raving moralistic lunatic who has her own radio talk show, even though she's not a "real" doctor. If it's rue that Paramount yanked the Nora episode to appease Laura, it would mean that Paramount is willing to take TV shows off the air when they criticize high-paid business partners, but not when they defame gays and lesbians. What was Paramount saying about freedom of speech???

11/7: Laura Downgraded to Late Night
The Hollywood Reporter and Variety today are reporting that the "Dr. Laura" TV show is headed for the "post-1 a.m. graveyard" as of next week on CBS owned and operated stations, meaning 6 of the top 10 TV markets in the counry, including the crucial markets of NY, LA and Chicago. According to the experts, this has meant the death knell for other troubled shows in the past.

10/30: 'All My Children' Goes After Laura?
"All My Children," ABC's hit soap opera, reportedly went after Laura Schlessinger today when one of the main characters "came out" and said (this may be a paraphrase): "I'm not blind or deaf. I know what's out there. I know what people say. Talk show hosts call people like me 'unnatural.' All I know is what I am -- it doesn't feel unnatural. The only thing that is unnatural is the way people react to me." Gee, wonder who she's referring to...

10/29: Laura to be replaced?
"Caroline Rhea is rumored to be taping a talk show pilot for Paramount TV, which is being rushed into production as a back up for the low-rated "Dr. Laura Show," according to gossip columnist Michael Starr from the New York Post." Read the entire story here.

10/29: Schlessinger Takes on Barbara Walters
Schlessinger took on Barbara Walters recently over a photo of Walters in a bathrobe that Schlessinger found distasteful. Walters and her cohosts on their daily daytime TV show "The View" retailiated by flashing one of Schlessinger's infamous nude pictures on the air (you'll recall that two years ago a former boyfriend of Schlessinger released nude photos of the talk show host taken while he was having an affair with her during her first marriage).

10/25: See the West Wing Video Here!
Last week, NBC's hit TV show "The West Wing" savaged Laura Schlessinger. We've now got the clip of this brilliant scene online. Check it out here - you won't be disappointed (each clip is around 1.4 megs). Clip 1, Clip 2.  And as thanks, let's everyone watch this really great show (Wednesdays, 9PM EST).

10/22: Paramount Retooling Laura Show, AGAIN.
Paramount has announced that they are retooling the Laura TV show again, in a last ditch bid to save the show in the face of terrible ratings and an advertiser stamped out the door. According to the press, this time they're going to let Laura REALLY be Laura (though this is what they said the first time they retooled the show only 2 weeks ago).

10/22: Schlessinger's "Apology" Not an Apology
"Buzzers going off. That is not an apology. She is justifying her position and saying, in effect,'"I'd say the same thing again only with milder words.' And if she is such an Orthodox Jew, she would know that 'Teshuvah,' or repentance, requires remorse and action to correct the hurt. Read the entire Ventura County Star article.

10/22: Right Wing Attacks Laura
"Syndicated talk show host Dr. Laura Schlessinger is great at telling her callers to stand up for their principles. But under pressure from homosexual activists, the doctor found it impossible to defend her own. In a full-page ad in Variety, Schlessinger abjectly apologized for once calling homosexuality ``deviant.''" Read the entire Boston Herald story.

10/22: Schlessinger Parodied on Law & Order Too
First, Schlessinger was lampooned on West Wing, now we find via the Minneapolis Star Tribune, that the show following it, Law & Order, did the same. Apparently, they put a "radio psychologist" on the stand who under questioning revealed she was NOT a real doctor, but rather had a PhD in kinetics (Schlessinger's is in physiology).

10/18: Transcript of West Wing
Gay journalist Rex Wockner has transcribed the "West Wing" segment blasting Laura Schlessinger. It's a must-read - click here to read it.

10/18: "West Wing" Savages Laura
The Emmy-award-winning TV show "West Wing" included a blistering attack tonight on an uptight anti-gay pseudo-doctor who bore a striking resemblance in background to Laura Schlessinger. Martin Sheen's character, the President, starts questioning this woman about what kind of doctor she is, asks how she can give counseling when her PhD is in an unrelated field, criticizes her offensive views of homosexuality, then launches into a paraphrase of that famous email about Dr. Laura and the Bible. A truly amazing show. Feel free to contact the "West Wing" via their Web form and thank them.

10/17: Time Life Drops Laura/Stations Move Her
In double good news, Time Life, Inc. has finally pulled it rather extensive national advertising on the "Dr. Laura" TV show, and two stations have moved "Dr. Laura" to less important time slots. Stations WGRZ-TV in Buffalo, NY, has reportedly moved "Dr. Laura" from its prime 3 p.m. timeslot to 10 a.m, and as previously reported, WKFT-TV (Raleigh/Durham/Fayetteville, North Carolina) moves "Dr. Laura" from 5 p.m. to 2 p.m.

10/10: Laura Apologizes, Again
In the October 11 edition of Variety, Laura Schlessinger again apologizes to the gay community for her anti-gay rhetoric. She issued an earlier apology on March 10, then retracted it five days later. Read her latest apology here.

10/5: Laura Reportedly Caught With Fake Guests
Access Hollywood reports that the "Dr. Laura" TV show may have been caught red-handed showcasing fake guests. Apparently, a member of Schlessinger's own staff (right) appeared on the show two days in a row, each time as a guest with a different problem (and not identified as a Laura staffer). Check out an 840k excerpt of this great Access Hollywood piece from October 4, 2000.

10/5: EXTRA: All of Canada Dumps Laura!!!
In an amazing development, the Dr. Laura TV show is being yanked off the air IN ALL OF CANADA! Perhaps quite fitting, the decision came to light yesterday, the day of former Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau's state funeral. Trudeau was a great defender of gay rights, my Canadian friends tell me - including being responsible for the decriminalization of homosexuality in Canada over 30 years ago. What a wonderful tribute to a great man - he leaves his country in good hands. Read the Canadian Press story about this development.

10/4: Carolina TV Station Downgrades Laura
"WKFT in North Carolina (Raleigh-Durham-Fayetteville) has become the first major-market station to downgrade 'Dr. Laura.' Beginning Oct. 16, 'KFT will move the show from its plum 5 p.m. timeslot to 2 p.m. because of faltering ratings. Through yesterday, 'Dr. Laura' was averaging a 0.9 on 'KFT, an independent station that had previously been pulling a 2.8 with 'Sally Jessy Raphael' at 5 p.m." Read the NY Post article here.

10/4: ABC: Did Laura Lie About Guests?
"Now the inflammatory Schlessinger is being accused of packing her show with 'plants,' fake guests who are actually on her payroll." Read entire story here.

10/3: Two Canadian TV Stations Dump Laura
At least two Canadian TV stations, in Toronto (ONtv) and Montreal (CFCF12), no less, announced today that they will be dumping Dr. Laura's TV show, starting next week. More to come on this breaking story.

10/3: Another "plant" spotted on Laura show
The NY Post reveals that yet another plant was spotted on the Dr. Laura TV show (see next news item). According to the paper, Schlessinger's own staff appeared on the show, unidentified, as though they were simply a guest who had the "courage to come here today." Read the Post article here.

10/2: Laura's Ringer "Scandal"
The "Dr. Laura" TV show is facing charges that it places paid ringers in the audience to ask Laura the "right" questions. The NY Daily News asks "What is the right, just, ethical, and moral stand on hiring people to spice up your talk show?" Read the entire article here.

9/29: A real psychiatrist takes on Laura
Psychiatrist Dr. Carole Lieberman, M.D., takes on Laura Schlessinger, and in a big way (you'll recall Ms. Schlessinger got her degree in physiology, studying rats - and not in medicine, psychology or psychiatry as most folks think.) Check out the video of Dr. Carole fighting back (click then scroll down to the link).

9/28: Pfizer says "no more" Laura ads
"It was not our intet to run our advertising during the Dr. Laura show. We have contacted our agencies to insure that our commercials do not run on the show again." Since nearly every advertiser has said the same thing, you gotta ask, was Paramount lying when they repeatedly told the press they had sold out advertising for the show?

9/28: Laura too scary for Spooky World
"She's scary, but Spooky World won't advertise on Dr. Laura Schlessinger's new TV show. Our spooky spies report that Spooky World pulled their ads after fans called complaining that they were, well, horrified by the snippy pseudo shrink!" - Boston Herald, 9/27/00.

9/28: Oxygen Puts Laura in the Doghouse
Oxygen Media's Web site takes another look at Laura Schlessinger, and it ain't good :-). Read the article here.

9/27: Could Dr. Laura Be Sued?
"Dr. Laura's statements are produced in a California workplace: a television studio. California law prohibits discrimination based on sexual orientation in the workplace. If she makes discriminatory statements on her show she may end up with a lawsuit that would teach her an expensive lesson. Employees have the right to be free of discrimination so they can enjoy equal employment opportunity. Statements of prejudice interfere with this right." Feminist attorney Gloria Allred, Dallas Morning News, 9/27/00.

9/21: Paramount Halts Production of "Dr. Laura"
The LA Times reports today that Paramount is temporarily halting production of the Dr. Laura TV show, only 2 weeks after its launch. While some think they may be trying to re-tool the show, as its ratings have been abysmal and the advertisers are dropping like flies, others say that a hiatus in production after only 2 weeks is NOT a good sign. welcomes the news as a sign the show is in trouble, but urges everyone to KEEP CALLING THE ADVERTISERS, now more than ever. Read the entire LA Times story.

9/21: NBC Executive Embarrassed About Laura
According to today's LA Times: "Schlessinger was criticized at a panel of network executives Thursday, when the group was asked--in light of criticism from Washington--if there were programs on television they didn't feel they could defend. 'I'm not embarrassed about anything on television, with the exception of 'Dr. Laura,' ' said Garth Ancier, president of NBC's entertainment unit."

9/20: Canadians Launch Anti-Laura Web site
Some Canadians, upset with Schlessinger's anti-gay rhetoric, have started their own Web site - - to urge local advertisers to drop Schlessinger's TV show. The site lists local Canadian TV stations on which Schlessinger is airing, and a slew of advertisers' contact information. In other Canada news, Maple Leaf Foods announced today that it has pulled advertising from the Dr. Laura TV show. Oh Canada!

9/18: NYT: Dr. Laura TV show "a goner"
"Now ratings are in for the first four 'Dr. Laura' shows through Thursday, and media analysts characterized them as weak. Viewership fell 15 to 28 percent compared with the programs that run in time slots just before 'Dr. Laura,' they said, and were off 12 to 28 percent compared with the shows running a year ago that 'Dr. Laura' replaced. 'It's a goner,' said Marc Berman, media analyst for the Mediaweek .com unit of VNU USA, who produces The Programming Insider, a daily e-mail newsletter." Read the entire article.

9/15: Washington Post Slams Laura TV Show
"WHY WOULD PEOPLE want to watch this? Perhaps if all other channels mysteriously went off the air. Even then, the temptation would be to avoid it. 'Dr. Laura' might be endured but seems unlikely to be enjoyed. There was not a peep on any of her opening shows about the topic that has earned Dr. Laura her most vehement detractors: homosexuality. On her radio show, she has labeled it 'deviant' behavior comparable to 'bestiality' and 'pedophilia.' ...Apparently Dr. Laura was of the opinion that gay people hadn’t suffered enough bigotry and ignorance over the years and so she volunteered to offer yet more." Read the entire, wonderful article here.

9/15: Eckerd HealthCare Dumps Laura
"The advertising for the Eckerd HealthCare Discount Plan was placed in a 'stand-by' position which means that the networks aired the spot in any programming at their sole discretion, not at the direction of Eckerd Corporation or its advertising agency. We have notified all networks not to air Eckerd commercials during the 'Dr. Laura' show in the future."

9/15: CB Fleet dumps Laura
CB Fleet, which products Summer's Eve, has notified that it is moving its advertising to other non-Dr. Laura TV shows.

9/15: Texaco dumps Laura
"It is not our policy to purchase advertising time on controversial shows, such as the Dr. Laura Show. Our spot was placed on the show in a decision made solely by the television station as they overlooked our policy. That has been corrected and we are taking steps to ensure that this does not happen again."

9/14: Tons More Drop Laura TV
Sears, Kraft, Kaiser Permanente, Unilever, and America's Best have all pulled their advertising from Dr. Laura's TV show.

9/14: Ontel Drops Laura TV
Ontel, a national sponsor of the Dr. Laura TV show, has notified that they are pulling their advertising from the Dr. Laura TV show.

9/14: Laura's Ratings "Rock Bottom" in NYC
"Radio show host Laura Schlessinger got off to a rocky start with her new daytime TV series, "Dr. Laura," Monday. The series was watched in just 54,500 metropolitan area homes, enough to finish dead last in its 3 p.m. time period. The figure represents a 27% drop from what the station did in the time period in May with a combination of "Inside Edition" and "Hollywood Squares" reruns." - NY Daily News, Sept. 13, 2000.

9/14: Is Laura Paying her TV Audience?
According to a published article, a Dr. Laura TV show audience member, who she interviews on camera, is reportedly a paid extra. The man claims that 80% of the Dr. Laura TV audience is paid to be there, and that 30-40% of them are actors. "Dr. Laura is aware of what all the audience people are doing, that they are paid," he says. That doesn't sound like "Doing the Right Thing" to us. Read the article here.

CLICK HERE to read more news from, and get a feel for the history of this controversy.



Good Guys: Companies That Have Promised "No More Ads" Since 9/11 TV Debut:
- 11/7: 24 Hour Fitness
- 11/6: Ikea
- 11/1: Glaxo Wellcome (Valtrex)
- 10/30: Denny's
- 10/27: USA Today
- 10/27: Victory Ford
- 10/26: Winner Int'l (The Club)
- 10/26: Liberty Medical Supply
- 10/23: Icy-Hot
- 10/19: Domino's Pizza
- 10/18: Children's Museum
- 10/17: Time Life, Inc.
- 10/10: Arm & Hammer
- 10/7: Magic Wallet
- 10/7: 24 Hour Fitness
- 10/6: Schering-Plough
- 10/6: Jennifer Furniture
- 10/5: Craftmatic Adjustable Beds
- 10/4: Temple Kung Fu
- 10/3: Tetley Tea
- 10/3: Canada Savings Bond
- 10/3: Royal Bank
- 10/3: New Homes Preview
- 10/2: Checkers
- 10/2: MAACO (Canada)
- 10/2: Boot Town
- 10/2: Clearnet
- 9/30: Chef Boyardee
- 9/29: Novartis
- 9/29: Toyota
- 9/29: Bar-None
- 9/29: Robb & Stucky, Ltd.
- 9/28: Pillsbury
- 9/28: Giant
- 9/28: Pfizer
- 9/27: Spooky World
- 9/27: AR Pioneer Chiropractic & Carpal Tunnel Clinic
- 9/26: Stephen's Gourmet
- 9/26: Hospital for Special Surgery
- 9/25: Ciener-Woods Ford
- 9/24: Oldsmobile
- 9/24: Washington State Lottery
- 9/24: David's Bridal
- 9/24: Workopolis
- 9/22: Coca-Cola
- 9/22: Torso Track (Suzanne Somers)
- 9/22: Mervyn's
- 9/22: Diet-ZX
- 9/22: Zatarain's
- 9/22: Fantom Technologies
- 9/21: CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield
- 9/21: PETsMART
- 9/21: Mattress Discounter
- 9/20: Steak n Shake
- 9/20: Maple Leaf Foods
- 9/20: Lowes
- 9/20: Roman Meal
- 9/19: Medieval Times
- 9/19: Concord Insurance
- 9/18: Slim-Fast
- 9/18: Pacific Gas & Electric
- 9/18: Ross Stores
- 9/18: Discount Dresses
- 9/15: Rite-Aid
- 9/15: Sybaris
- 9/15: George Foreman Grill (Salton)
- 9/15: US Sen. Candidate Mark Dayton (D-MN)
- 9/15: Eckerd Corporation
- 9/15: CB Fleet (Summer's Eve)
- 9/15: Texaco
- 9/14: Sears (did not approve ads)
- 9/14: Renaissance Cruises
- 9/14: Kraft
- 9/14: Kaiser Permanente
- 9/14: Unilever (Brummel & Brown)
- 9/14: America's Best (Eyewear)
- 9/14: Ontel
- 9/14: Tri-City Sporting Goods (CA)
- 9/14: Les Vogel Dodge (CA)
- 9/13: Luxor Resort & Casino
- 9/13: Brentwood Volvo
- 9/13: Stonestreet Capital
- 9/13: Conair
- 9/13: GEICO
- 9/13: Brink's
- 9/12: Verizon
- 9/12: IHOP (did not approve ads)
- 9/12: Kimberly-Clark (Scott TP)
- 9/12: Starpower Internet
- 9/12: Long John Silver's Seafood
- 9/12: Jacoby & Meyers
- 9/12: Closet World
- 9/12: John Corzine for Senate (NJ)
- 9/12: Rubenstein & Rynecki
- 9/11: Bally Total Fitness

Quotes Re: Dropped TV Ads
10/2: Checker's
"We have instructed our agency to avoid this show in future buys."

9/30: Chef Boyardee
"The Chef Boyardee brand is pulling its ads from the Dr. Laura program."

9/29: Toyota
"We have re-contacted all stations to advise them not to rotate Toyota advertising into the Dr Laura show."

9/28: Giant
"We pulled the spots after the first week of the schedule and have no intentions of maintaining any type of presence within the program."

9/28: Pfizer
"It was not our intet to run our advertising during the Dr. Laura show. We have contacted our agencies to insure that our commercials do not run on the show again."

9/24: Washington State Lottery
"The Washington State Lottery agrees that the controversy surrounding Dr. Laura's opinions render her program a potentially problematic environment for any advertiser. But, more importantly, the Lottery affirms its stance against positions that promote discrimination, bigotry, and prejudice. The Washington State Lottery did not seek out advertising during the Dr. Laura Show, and we have pulled all advertising from that time slot while the show airs."

9/22: Coca-Cola
"The Coca-Cola Company has not directly purchased advertising on the Dr. Laura television show, either nationally or locally, and the show is not part of our planned buy for 2000. Any Coca-Cola advertising that viewers may have seen on the show was placed in error by a local television station. We have instructed the local television stations where we advertise to adhere strictly to our media plan."

9/22: Torso Track (Suzanne Somers)
"...The ads were pulled and will no longer be seen on that program."

9/22: Diet-ZX
"We have requested that our media buyer not purchase spots on the Dr. Laura [TV] show."

9/22: Fantom Technologies
"We respect your concerns and have contacted our media agency to remove any future FANTOM advertising from this program."

9/21: CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield
"While we do support the right to free speech; we will not support the television show commercially. Last week, after ads ran without our knowledge, CareFirst instructed its advertising agencies to discontinue any placement on the Dr. Laura radio or television shows."

9/21: PETsMART
"The Dr. Laura Show is on the list of programs with which we DO NOT advertise. The commercials that ran in the Utah area where mistakenly booked by our media buying agency... We have corrected the problem..."

9/21: Mattress Discounter
"Mattress Discounters is notifying all television stations that we deal with nationally that we do not want to be in any way, shape or form associated with the "Dr Laura" show... As soon as we found out they were running our spots in the Dr. Laura program we contacted the stations and moved the spots."

9/20: Steak n Shake
"If any of the Steak n Shake commercials have run during the Dr. Laura Show it is purely by mistake and we will be receiving commercials in other programming to account for the television station error."

MORE QUOTES from TV advertisers...

Who's Dumped Laura to Date:
- Procter & Gamble (TV & Radio)
"While she has every right to assert her views on all subjects in the context of her show, we have an equal right as an advertiser to place our commercials in less polarizing environments.... there are lots of programming options and we've decided there are better ones for us"
- Albertsons
"Albertson's is committed to embracing diversity in its many forms... Once we learned that we were inadvertently advertising on the Dr. Laura Show, we directed the media buying service to pull our advertising from this program."
- RadioShack
"RadioShack took action to pull ALL ads from the Dr. Laura Show as soon as this placement error was brought to our attention."
- Motel 6
"We are looking very closely into whether this type of talk-show programming makes sense for us and we are doing no further advertising on Dr. Laura this year."
"We have discontinued our advertising on the program."

MORE QUOTES from radio advertisers who have dropped Dr. Laura

"Other advertisers should pay attention to P&G's words: there are indeed 'better' program options." - Advertising Age editorial about Dr. Laura, 5/29/00.

- Consumers will reject advertisers for shows like Dr. Laura, new study shows.
- Laura's quotes about gays.
- Laura "savages" young girl, Hartford Courant (excellent article) 11/9/99.
- Laura "puts kids at risk for HIV/AIDS", AIDS Action, 3/20/00.
- Laura's "hypocrisy", Slate.
- Laura "lies", Calgary Herald, 5/16/00.
- Free Speech not an issue, Boston Globe, 5/24/00.

"We believe that a tone of demonization and needless hostility characterizes your remarks on these issues... we are concerned that others might use such statements to justify acts of violence or discriminate against gays and lesbians." - Anti-Defamation League letter to Laura, March 24, 2000.

- Matthew Shepard: "...she suggested Matthew Shepard, the University of Wyoming student brutally slain in a gay-bashing incident in 1998, was to blame for his own murder." -, 5/11/00.
- AIDS: "Dr. Laura's dangerous message puts kids at risk for HIV/AIDS... It would be irresponsible of Paramount to distribute such a dangerous message, and they should not do so." - AIDS Action letter to Paramount, 3/20/00.
- Free Speech: "When Paramount decides that it wants to put on Dr. Laura, or doesn't want to put on Dr. Laura, the government's not involved. And therefore the First Amendment and the freedom of speech, the legal freedom of speech protections, don't apply." - ACLU's Peter Eliasberg on ABC's World News Tonight, 5/20/00.
- Bigotry: "Dr. Laura and the words she has chosen are extremely troublesome, factually inaccurate and hateful. HateWatch asks Paramount Television to not give her a wider forum to express these, and other bigoted sentiments." - statement, 3/16/00.
. - Denials: "She is Clintonesque. She either claims not to remember things or denies them. She mostly pleads bad memory. I found her evasive at best, and dishonest often." Vanity Fair writer Leslie Bennetts in the Toronto Sun, 10/10/99.
- Credentials: "She has fewer credentials than television's Dr. Frasier Crane." - Ft. Worth Star-Telegram, 5/19/00
- Lies: "When a broadcaster lies, someone must call her to account... It is not only disingenuous but dangerous." - Calgary Herald, 5/16/00
- Savage: "In a November broadcast, she savaged -- by name -- a Connecticut eighth grader... suggest[ing] the girl be 'sacrificed,' Inca style." - Newsweek, 3/20/00
- Rabbi Speaks: "radio hosts such as Dr. Laura... are misleading their listeners and misrepresenting the meaning of the Biblical text." - National Post, 5/20/00

On Gay Parents: "[F]or gay couples and single women who decide to raise a child, she suggests, 'Get a dog instead.'," Atlanta Journal-Constitution, 5/13/00.
On Gay Civil Rights Advocates:"The well-funded and well-connected homosexual activist movement has become the McCarthyism of the 21st century." 5/13/00, Deseret News.
Read more Laura quotes about gays.

"...there's no substitute for Hollywood taking responsibility for what it puts on the air. Time and again they've shown they're unable to clean up their act. Maybe our elected leaders should do it for them." - Family Research Council, read more.

MOM FIGHTS BIGOTS: "In high school, while your children were doing what kids that age should be doing, mine labored over a suicide note, drafting and redrafting it to be sure his family knew how much he loved them. My sobbing 17-year-old tore the heart out of me as he choked out that he just couldn't bear to continue living any longer, that he didn't want to be gay and that he couldn't face a life with no dignity..." Paramount and Viacom, this is the world you are creating for our youth. Read this incredibly moving article.

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