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   Presidential Adviser Virginia Apuzzo accused religious right "pro-family" groups of promoting "lies, myths and distortions about our lives," and that their mistruths have "provided the rationale for violence and death."   

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Pictures From the Washington, DC Vigil

Wednesday, October 14, 1998
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Ellen Degeneres and Anne Heche. Anne criticized groups who claim to cure gays: "I do not want to be like you....you are the abomination in the eyes of my God....groups who are founded in hatred."

"I am so pissed off," Ellen began her speech. "I can't stop crying." Her voice immediately broke, she looked at the crowd, caught her breath and said in a now-strained, softer and emotion-ladened voice: "This is what I was trying to stop - this is why I did what I did." It was a moving moment that brought Ellen's coming out experience into a new and suddenly much more serious light. .

Congressman Barney Frank at the podium.

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