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The concept for Wired Strategies began five years ago, when I was a lawyer working in the US Senate. I had heard of people sending "email" to friends half a world away -- all with the click of a mouse, and at a cost of literally pennies. The implications were tremendous. I envisioned a future in which the power of the Internet could be used to inform, empower and rally massive numbers of people instantaneously and cheaply to affect positive social change.

To harness the Internet effectively, one must be skilled in technology, but also understand the substantive needs of business, legal and non-profit professionals. As a lawyer with over 10 years of political and non-profit experience, I decided to form Wired Strategies -- a full-service Internet consulting firm that understands the job you need to accomplish, and the technology to get you there.

While I have a personal interest in politics, my clients are not exclusively political. The lessons of the Internet are just as applicable for law firms and Head Start centers as they are for lobbyists and Senators.

My work, therefore, focuses on four main areas of strategic online assistance: community-building; advocacy; research; and training.

My community-building clients are not interested in politics, but in using the Internet to create or strengthen a network of nationwide contacts for information-sharing, fund-raising, community-involvement, and other apolitical goals -- these clients include the US Department of Health and Human Services.

My advocacy clients are clearly interested in politics, and seek to use the Web to affect legislative battles in Washington and in the states -- among these I include the Children's Defense Fund.

My research and training clients are both political and non-political. They include: the Widmeyer-Baker Group, a large DC-based public relations firm interested in online opposition research; a medium-sized consulting firm needing immediate access to online records of the Federal Election Commission; and a high-tech company whose lawyers need online legal research training.

I hope you join me in seizing the opportunities the Internet offers, and I look forward to assisting you in meeting that challenge.

With best wishes,
John Aravosis
Wired Strategies

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